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Step #6: Start Vitamin Treatment

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Multivitamin Treatment        B6 and Magnesium Treatment

Multivitamin Treatment

Vitamin treatments are a must for children with autism. This is likely to become more obvious after metabolic testing is performed. Regardless of the outcome, we cannot stress enough the importance of a well-formulated multivitamin. Suffice to say that there are hundreds on the market, but donĦt settle for the first reasonably priced product at your local pharmacy. Among other reasons, many contain copper and other elements that could actually complicate your childĦs metabolism rather than help it. Research has identified a number of specific, common vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children with autism. Addressing these common deficiencies can make a world of difference in your childĦs behavior and overall health. Fortunately, there are a number of specially formulated, broad-ranged multivitamin products available, some with higher doses of vitamin B6 (discussed in more detail below).

We recommend the following multivitamin manufacturers and products:

       BrainChild Nutritionals: BrainChild offers a superior line of high-quality, well-formulated multivitamins.

                - Spectrum Support product line (liquid). Consult your physician regarding which to use.

       Kirkman Laboratories: Kirkman offers a wide range of high-quality, well-formulated multivitamins.

                -  Super Nu-Thera product line (liquid or powder). Consult your physician regarding which to use.

Vitamin B6 (and Magnesium) Treatment

Hailed by parents and doctors, vitamin B6 has been specifically identified as one of the most safe and effective vitamin therapies for treating autism. Keep in mind that the following treatment should not be considered an alternative to the multivitamin treatment previously described, but as an extension if high dosages of B6 are not being taken. Over a dozen formal studies have revealed remarkable improvements in eye contact, behavior, and speech. Benefits also include fewer tantrums and less self-stimulatory behavior. The benefits of B6 were first recognized in the 1960's, and have since been enhanced when taken in combination with magnesium. Take a few moments and read the following report on vitamin B6 by the Autism Research Institute:

    Vitamin B6 (and Magnesium) in the Treatment of Autism

As you may have read, therapeutic levels have been established between 300-600mg/day. Although these levels have been proven safe (nontoxic), it is not recommended to start that high. We recommend (one) of the following approaches (NOTE: Any approach you take should be taken under the supervision of your physician!):

1. Start with a high-quality multivitamin and then slowly introduce additional B6 and magnesium.

2. Start with a high-quality multivitamin and then slowly introduce additional B6 and magnesium in the form of a chewable wafer developed by Kirkman Laboratories. See Vitamin B6/Magnesium Wafer.

3. Use one of the Kirkman Laboratories multivitamin products that contain higher does of vitamin B6 and proper levels of magnesium. See: Super Nu-Thera.  Keep in mind that Kirkman's Super Nu-Thera comes in a variety of forms (and formulas); we do not recommend starting with any of the P5P versions. P5P is an activated form of vitamin B6 and may not be well tolerated by some.

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